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  • ThermalTake Element G Case Review
  • ThermalTake Element G Case Review


    Case Layout & Features

    The Element G is a steel chassis that is painted completely black.  The body panels are made from plastic and feature a soft flat finish and the top panel features s slight dish to accent the top mounted fan placement.
    The front panel controls are located at the top of the case.  The large dial controls the fans, the buttons next to the dial are for power and reset.  Other connections include 4x USB ports, Audio Output, and Mic Input.
    The front of the TT Element G is mainly made up of a mesh to allow for easy airflow. The front is also easily removed with the quick release handle located at the very bottom of the case.  Behind the front panel you will find a 200mm LED Fan however if you need more cooling power this fan can be replaced with 2x 120mm fans.
    Much to our surprise the TT Element G is not tool-less. The 5.25 optical drive bays use black screws to hold the drives into place. Screws are really the most secure method and as the Element G has proven the method still stands the test of time.
    The interior of the Element G shows some similarities between it and the Element S that we have reviewed. The hard drive cage is held securely in with two black thumb screws and two latches located at the top and bottom of the cage.  A removable drive cage is extremely handy when installing HDDs, it also helps when you're looking for places to install watercooling gear.
    The hard drive cage is rather unique but on the surface it seems very typical.  The cage features spots for up to 7 devices with each one held in place with a combination of screws and plastic clips.  The unique part is that for once you can position the harddrive rack in one of 2 different orientations.  The default installation has the drives facing sidesways but you can reposition the cage and have the drives facing towards the front.