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  • ThermalTake Element G Case Review
  • ThermalTake Element G Case Review


    200mm LED Fans In Action

    The top mounted fanbus is command center for making all the cool lighting effects happen on the TT Element G. The fan control dial not only controls the speed of all the preinstalled fans but also controls the colors as well.
    All of the preinstalled fans come pre-wired in the black sleeving shown below.  The attention to detail here is uncommon in most chassis designs but seems to be commonplace in the Element series.  Having all of the fans pre-wired may have a factor on the evitable fan replacement.
    Here is one of the coolest and most novel ideas we have seen in a long time.  The door mounted 230mm fan gets its power thru this fancy contact point module.  No longer will you need to make sure and unplug the door fans before removing the side panel.
    Fans in Action
    Here is the Element G in all its lighted glory. The fans can be in one of 5 color states, Red, Green, Blue, Triple, or random patterns.  Of course if you need even less noise and light they can be turned completely off.
    Look at all the pretty colors. tongue smile

    Okay, now on to the conclusion.