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  • ThermalTake Element G Case Review
  • ThermalTake Element G Case Review



    Choice is something that end users love to have and the Element G is all about that. The abilities to control everything from fan speed, noise level, and to even the flavor on the day fan color is incredible.  On the inside the modular type setup allows you freedom to set things up the way you want them and not compromise layout or cable management. 

    Watercooling is one thing we always try to consider with every case review and while the Element G isn't setup for watercooling directly but there is plenty of space to install your gear regardless of size.  The dual 120mm fan placements at the front of the case seem like a logical place for a dual fan radiator with your pump and res located directly behind it where the hard drive cage is normally.

    While the Element G is a great looking case there are a few things we might have changed.  The CPU area of the case is rather crowded making the installation of larger heatsinks difficult if not impossible.  During our tests we tried installing a variety of heatsinks we have in the Ninjalane Labs and needless to say the Big Typhoon 14 would not fit while the preinstalled fans were in place.  Another thing to keep in mind, the Element G is not a tool-less case so be sure to have your screwdriver set handy.

    Now for the ever popular list of Good things and Bad things. happy smile
    Good Things
    Very sleek black interior/exterior
    Excellent Cooling solutions
    Great ability to control fans speed and colors
    Well thoughout cable management
    Premodded for quick builds
    Screws are back!
    Bad Things
    No real tool less solutions
    Does not work well with larger CPU heatsinks
    Fan replacement is a tough situation
    Ninjalane Rating