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  • Cooler Master HAF 932 Case Review
  • Cooler Master HAF 932 Case Review


    Case Features & Inside Layout Cont.

    There really isn't much to talk about on this side of the case.  It has a big X shape and some vents for allowing air flow from the hard drive cage area.
    Moving the bottom portion of the HAF 932 once again opens the eyes of the water cooling guys. The HAF 932 allows for either a couple of 120mm fans to be mounted or a PSU on the bottom. Oh wait the brain just brought up a great idea of mounting a 2 x 120mm radiator on the bottom. Guess what, it can be done very easily since everything on the case is made to be taken off with just a screw driver. Also on the bottom of the HAF 932 you will see some very small wheels for allowing the case to be moved a little easier. The HAF 932 also comes with some plan feet for the guys that do not like the idea of rolling around your computer.
    Inside the Case
    Starting the VIP tour of the inside of the HAF 932 takes us straight to the bottom front of the case. This is where the HDD rack is. The HAF 932 allows for 5 x 3.5" hard drives to be mounted here. The mounting system is very easy with just releasing the lever and sliding the drive right out.
    One of the weak spots for the HAF 932 is in the hard drive mounting cages. They are made up of a very flimsy plastic that feels like they will break at anytime when installing a hard drive. For every case there is the Achilles hill, and for the HAF 932 this is it. Moving on you will notice that the hard drives do stay cool with a large 230mm fan blowing over them with fresh cool air.
    Looking at the top inside of the HAF 932 goes to show you 6 x 5.25" slots. The HAF 932 allows up to six optical drives with one 3.5" media bay conversion kit that is included. The mounting system for the 5.25" drive bays on the HAF 932 is completely tool free, and very easy to use. You push in the button to release some pins inside of the bay to allow you to slide in a drive. Once the drive is lined up, then you press the button one more time to lock the drive into place.
    Looking at the motherboard plate shows that the HAF 932 can handle about any kind of motherboard. Also take notice to the holes on the motherboard plate. This allows for better cable management with being able to hide the cables behind the plate.