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  • Cooler Master HAF 932 Case Review
  • Cooler Master HAF 932 Case Review



    When you look at the HAF 932 from the outside its hard to think this case would win anyone over. In a way Cooler Master seemed too have regressed from the beautiful smooth bends space age looking tower cases to a rough and rugged case. The HAF 932 was just completely different than anything else on the market.  Once you get past the aesthetics and look inside at the incredible features you’re thoughts might change. 

    The Cooler Master HAF 932 turned one extreme of dislike to a whole other extreme of absolute love. To the modding community the HAF 932 offers a challenge since it has about everything built into it.  In terms of air cooling and the overclocker crowd the HAF 932 offers nothing but the best.  For the water cooling gurus the HAF 932 offers nothing but incredible potential. Cooler Master crammed a ton of cool and neat ideas into this case.

    The overall outer design is rugged with a "Mad Max" look and feel however when moving inside the HAF 932 shows some very well planned options that will please most everyone still, there are a few things that did hurt the overall quality of the case. The major one is the very flimsy hard drive holders. The plastic is made to bend around the hard drive, and it feels like it can be broken easily. Also having to remove the tray on the top of the HAF 932 to find the extra precut holes for a 3 x 120mm radiator is somewhat of a mystery.

    The Cooler Master HAF 932 should get a 4 out 5 rating for the looks and the flimsy hard drive holders but then again the holders never broke and the styling of the HAF 932 is more of an "eyes of the beholder" kind of thing.  It may not be of my taste, but that does not mean someone else is not going to fall in love with it either.  All in all after awhile the HAF 932 tends to grow on you and is why did earn the Furious 5 of 5 in the end.
    Good Things
    The incredible potential for water cooling with even bigger 3 x 120mm radiators
    A precut fill cap hole
    3 x 230mm Fans Pre installed
    Strong good quality steel
    Very flexible options for all size motherboards
    The ability to use either a Power Supply mounted on top and bottom
    Overall tool less installation options
    Bad Things
    Flimsy plastic hard drive cages
    Hiding the last few holes for mounting a 3 x 120mm fan radiator
    Having to lose the 230mm fan if a PSU is mounted on top
    The overall outside look being very boxy with too many hard lines
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