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  • Cooler Master HAF 932 Case Review
  • Cooler Master HAF 932 Case Review


    Case Features & Layout Cont.

    The back of the HAF 932 is typical in nature but does have a few notable features.  The first is an option to install 2 PSUs at one time.  While this might be a little overkill it might be more common than you think.  A handy cover plate has been included for the unused PSU location.

    The included rear fan is 140mm so to clear the ATX connector. This is a little bigger than the typical 120mm case fan but is designed to move more air with less noise
    Going on down the HAF 932 we do see something different for Cooler Master in their case designs. Cooler Master is using a mesh expansion slot cover to help cooling even more. Along the side of the expansion slots is another place for air to pass through to help cooling. At teh bottom of the case you'll find the second PSU mounting location that helps to bring back some of the old Stacker style back.
    The side panel of the HAF932 is very unique.  On the main door side you get a good view of the giant sized 230mm fan with a smaller window up at the top.  The glass is designed to give it a woven steel security glass feeling.

    Below the big and bold HAF glossy black letters you'll find additional for the hard drive cage area. Cooler Master has made this case scream with the large amount of functional accents.
    Opening the HAF 932 once again to show off the inside of this panel and the features it has to offer. The inside of the door looks very plain with only having just bare steel. While looking at the 230mm fan it all starts to dawn on everyone the ability to remove this fan and replace it with 4 x 120mm fans. The potential to add a grip of 120mm radiators does come to mind as well.

    Once again the water cooling crowd has something else to think about. cool smile