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  • Sentey GS-6500 Burton Case Review
  • Sentey GS-6500 Burton Case Review



    At just over 100 dollars the Sentey Burton offers a lot of bang for your buck.  The almost tool-less hardware locks and roomy interior make installation extremely easy  and the included accessory box made it so break out my personal tool kit to install the hardware.  The accessory box also allows you to store any extra parts in a convenient location and out of that dreaded PC parts box.  

    Case construction is very good and complete with smooth and rolled metal edges so you can focus on correctly installing parts and not worrying about leaking blood all over your new motherboard.  The extra interior space does allow for installation of oversized aftermarket CPU coolers without sacrificing overall airflow.

    With a total of six fans running it will be a little louder than you might expect however you can control the noise by choosing which fans to operate using four fan power buttons located on the top of the case.  Of course less fans means you'll also have a warmer chassis, but in some cases this can be an allowable drawback.  I like that this allows the user to make the choice in their cooling needs without having to install an aftermarket fanbus panel.  

    The LED lights on the fan do an excellent job at lighting up interior of the case.  It would have been nice to have a window in this case given the abundance of lighted fans as it's a shame to cover them up.  Then again that is why we mod.
    Good Things
    Fan control buttons
    Built-in card reader
    Great LED lighting
    Enough space to easily install aftermarket components
    Accessory box to keep needed tool and screw
    Bad Things
    Difficult to secure 3.5" hard drive to drive tray
    Easy to get smudges and fingerprints on case