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  • Sentey GS-6500 Burton Case Review
  • Sentey GS-6500 Burton Case Review


    Cooling and Lighting

    Extra volume in a chassis means that you have to more air to keep hardware cool.  There are a total of six LED fans are installed throughout the case including two 80mm fans that sit on a bracket that can unlocked and swing out of the way.  This hinge type also allows the bracket to be removed to make expansion card installation even easier.  Once closed, the two fans are position to offer excellent airflow over your expansion and video cards.
    Case lighting is made possible by six LED fans.  This can be a mix blessing since turning off the lighting also means turning off the fans.  The fan color is determined by the chassis style you choose.  For instance the black on black cases feature blue LED fans while the black on red case comes with red LED fans.  This is an important consideration if you plan to mod the Sentey Burton or change its color since the fan color it quite noticeable.

    Please note that the red lighting seen in the photos is coming from the RAM modules.
    Case modders have an excellent opportunity to add a window to this case and show off the wonderful lighting effects.  The side vent can either be incorporated into the window design or removed completely depending on the effect you are after.