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  • Thermaltake V9 Case Review
  • Thermaltake V9 Case Review



    The Thermaltake V9 is a great case for the value segment user. Being able to have all of the new cool features of some of the higher end cases makes it a great choice for the gamer on a budget. The V9 has just overall great looks that will grab people's attention. This case will be awesome to bring at a LAN Party for sure. The light weight and the sleek look will be a winner from the get go.

    Working with the Thermaltake V9 has been an experience in getting used to a smaller case again. The size is just right for a budget minded person. It will allow for a Full ATX motherboard with lots of room for a taller heatsink. Then factor in the ability to use a SLI or Crossfire setup and knowing you are covered in the cooling area is a huge plus. Factor in the number of open bays for Hard Drives and other kinds of drives is just icing on the cake.
    The V9 did get a lower rating, even after all of its great qualities. The reason for the lower rating is exactly that, the quality. In order to make a more valued oriented case. Thermaltake, like any other case manufacturer, has to sacrifice some quality in order to get the price down. The latches used to hold the drives in are cheap but are functional.  The plastic molding does give the V9 an awesome look and covers the huge fan but is also made from very cheap plastic. This did give a rise to problems during shipping that allowed this top piece to become separated from the case. Yet it is not uncommon to have breakage in transit however if the plastic might have been just a little tougher this would n't have been an issue.

    The Thermaltake V9 is a small case with a huge case attitude. It is going to win the budget minded gamer over big time.
    Good Things
    Beautiful appearance
    Lots of drives bays for expansion
    Great air flow
    A giant 230mm fan
    Easy drive installs
    Just the right size and weight
    Bad Things
    Tight insides for larger Power Supplies
    Plastic on top of the case is too cheap
    Not enough clearance on the bottom for proper air flow to PSU
    NinjaLane Ratings
    We would like to thank Thermaltake for helping to make this review possible