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  • Thermaltake V9 Case Review
  • Thermaltake V9 Case Review



    The basic need of a computer case is to house the internal parts, and to protect them. In doing this the computer case has gone from being the boring ugly beige box to a more redefined piece to the overall computer package. Still the newer black boxes of today lack most of the uniqueness of some of the higher priced computer cases. That is where the Thermaltake V9 Gaming case comes in at a great value price with just incredible style and uniqueness.  

    The Thermaltake V9 is a very beautiful case on the outside with unique new features on the inside for the lower priced market. The Thermaltake V9 is very much geared toward the gamer on a budget. The kind of gamer that wants to have a cool new case and still have some money left over to buy that higher end video card.

    Let's start taking this chassis for a ride.
    First Impressions
    The Thermaltake V9 has all the cool markings of a very high end case. With the front of the case having mesh all the way down the drive bay area, and an angled window on the side. It just screams look at me I have class and uniqueness. With large holes on the side for air to pass through The Themaltake V9 is all about being cool.
    On the backside door of the Thermaltake V9 you'll notice no window, but the angled large vent holes are there to keep the cool looking appearance. With a steel and plastic mixture it allows for the cut in price. Yet, this does not take away from the beautiful black exterior at all.
    Looking at the Thermaltake V9 in a picture gives the impression that is it huge in size. Here are the specs that just might surprise you. The Thermaltake V9 is at a hefty 14 pounds and with the dimensions of H18.19 x W8.19 x D19.10. You can see that the Thermaltake V9 is not a huge case at all. This case is going to be a huge hit for LAN Party gamers on a budget everywhere though.