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  • Thermaltake V9 Case Review
  • Thermaltake V9 Case Review


    Case Features & Layout Cont.

    Here is another look at the fan hole for cooling the back of the motherboard. Take note that this also does allow for a very tight area to run some cables behind the motherboard tray. Other than that there is not much special going on here.
    Now moving to an item that seems to be all the rage anymore among case manufactures. The tool free expansion card slot holders. These little guys are latches that lift up and slide out towards you. Place the card into the slot and slide the red piece back over and lower it down for a snug fit.

    Once again these kinds of card holders are hampered by large video cards with lots of weight. Also, video cards with dual slot coolers tend to make the tool free holders hard to work with. With that being said Thermaltake was nice enough to give you the ability to remove the tooless clips and screw in your expansion cards the old fashioned way.
    The bottom of the V9 is where the Power Supply is located. This is once again becoming all the rage for newer cases. With a small black mesh screen under your PSU. You can help keep the dust to a minimum inside your PSU intake fan.
    Normal sized power supplies seem to fit quite well, however larger PSU units like the Thermaltake Toughpower 1000Watt might limit your options.

    I have to point out that this case does not sit up very high. So make sure to not have the V9 on a carpeted area or the PSU will have trouble keeping cool.