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  • Cooler Master Aquagate Mini Review
  • Cooler Master Aquagate Mini Review


    Mounting Hardware

    The Aquagate Mini comes with everything you see here, the included 120mm fan is adjustable between 800 and 2000 rpm and can move maximum of 106 CFM. 3-pin fan headers are used on both the pump and fan to supply power, these can be connected directly to the motherboards fan headers, or for greater reliability we suggest using the 3 to 4 pin power adaptors that come with the kit.
    The instruction manual covers the rest of the items and gives easy to follow step by step instructions.
    I mentioned that the Aquagate Mini can be installed on any socket processor provided that you can mount a heatsink to the motherboard and I wasn't kidding. The Mini comes with a universal retention module for Pentium 4 (Socket 478/LGA 775), Xeon (Socket 603/604),Celeron (Socket 478), Celeron D Socket 478/LGA775), AMD Sempron (Socket A/754), Athlon XP (Socket A), and Athlon 64 (Socket 754/939/940) processors. Simply choose the mounting plate for your system and secure it to the pump block using the provided screws (screws absent from the above photo)