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  • Thermaltake Frio Heatsink Review
  • Thermaltake Frio Heatsink Review



    Dual fan towers have quickly become the aftermarket cooling standard for the PC.  They are relatively compact, provide excellent surface area for cooling, and are limited only by the available room in your chassis and motherboard components. Of course performance is the key thing with aftermarket coolers and overall performance is a direct result of how well a company can combine everything together.

    In this review we will be looking at the Thermaltake Frio cooler, this is a dual fan tower style heatsink comprised of 5 very large 8mm heatpipes on a 120mm square radiator.  The heatpipes are arranged in a staggered pattern along both edges of the heatsink and form a "U" pattern overall.  This arraignment does promote some air turbulence around the heatpipes but also prevents direct air contact to the centermost pipe that is directly over the processor.
    A unique feature of the Thermaltake Frio is the attention to detail in covering the exposed metal which gives the heatsink a very professional appearance.  All of the fans are rubber mounted for noise control and RPM controlled by an attached dial.  The heatsink comes with one fan attached already allowing you the option to use the second fan or not. 
    The base of the Frio is machined flat and features a micro texture that we find does extremely well at removing excess air from the thermal paste and also promotes good adhesion to the heatspreader.  If your heatsinks don't require a little force to remove them then you didn't make good contact.