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  • ThermalTake SpinQ VT Heatsink Review
  • ThermalTake SpinQ VT Heatsink Review



    The great thing about heatsinks is the variety of different designs companies can come up with.  Some are elaborate pin grids, like the Alpha of days gone by, while others take a more elaborate route.  These designs usually consist of several feet of copper heatpipes to form a tower of cooling power.  So what happens when you twist the traditional heatpipe tower cooler into a cylinder, and cool it from the inside out?? 
    In this review we will be looking at the ornate and deadly looking cooler from Thermaltake called the SpinQ  VT.   At first glance the SpinQ VT appears to be a perfect cooler for Ninjalane given its sawblade appearance.  While the 50 radiator fins are relatively harmless we cannot speak for the squirrel cage fan inside.
    A close-up of the blower motor shows how tight the clearances are between the fan edge and the radiator.  The tiny gap will help reduce fan noise and promote proper air movement.