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  • Silverstone Variable Speed Fans Review
  • Silverstone Variable Speed Fans Review



    Silverstone have built some groundbreaking cases in the last couple of years but ya know they make more than just cases. One of the items often overlooked when working on a cooling strategy is the brand and quality of your cooling fan. Today we look at two variable speed case fans available from Silverstone Technologies.
    The first fan, the FM121 is a fairly typical 120mm unit fan featuring 9 cooling fins. The second fan, the FM82, is very unique. This fan features a 92mm fan in a 80mm housing.
    Here are some specs on the 120mm fan. The FM121 is made from polished white plastic and is intended for use at 12 VDC with a minimum starting voltage of 5 VDC. Rated current is 0.40A, with a maximum rating of 0.45A. Rated Power is 4.8W with a maximum of 5.4W. The speed controller allows you to control fan RPM from 800 to 2400rpm and will move a maximum of 110.03CFM. Maximum static pressure is 3.26mm H20. Noise is variable starting at 17dBA @ 800rpm, and 39.5dBA @ 2400rpm. Life expectancy is 50,000 hours.
    The specs tell us a lot about this fan; it has a good range of RPMs and can move a decent amount of air when needed.