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  • GSkill Pi Black Triple Channel PC3 12800 6GB Memory Review
  • GSkill Pi Black Triple Channel PC3 12800 6GB Memory Review


    Sandra 2009

    Sandra is a software collection of synthetic benchmarks that will give us a basic idea as to what a system is capable of. It should be noted that SiSoft numbers change depending on what version you have installed; these were recorded using Sandra Professional Business Version 2009.1.15.42

    All of the memory tests used in this review are available to the public so you can evaluate your systems performance and compare. For our purposes we will be focusing on just the memory portions of the benchmark.
    Above you will see the Memory Bandwidth charts for the different speeds in this review.  As expected they have all scaled nicely. Keep in mind that bandwidth numbers vary from one piece of software to another as they tested in different ways. By using several different tests we should see similar scaling based on clock speed and timings.
    In the cache benchmark the CPU cache and memory system combine to test Bandwidth and throughput. The latency benchmark tests the memory latency or the "response time". The time it takes between a request from the memory controller until the data is ready to be accessed.

    As you can imagine lower is better