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  • GSkill Pi Black Triple Channel PC3 12800 6GB Memory Review
  • GSkill Pi Black Triple Channel PC3 12800 6GB Memory Review



    The G.Skill Pi Edition PC-3 12800 6GB Ram Kit showed exactly why G.Skill has earned the respect and loyalty of hardware enthusiasts. The kits arrived in excellent condition and they performed better than promised. They also look very nice and proved to be extremely stable as our testing revealed no weaknesses even when pushed past their rated speeds with tighter than stock timings.

    As a side note, the DFI motherboard we performed these tests on picked up 11-11-11-28 as the default timing and needed to be manually tweaked.  Also when selecting the 1333 multiplier the memory defaulted to 9-9-9-24 instead of the speed listed in the SPD settings.  These are typically BIOS issues and since our board is not listed on the mfg recommended short list that might explain the differences.  We certainly cannot fault the ram since it ran fine in both situations and was a very simple matter to correctly set the timings.

    Now our ever popular list of Good things and Bad things. happy smile
    Good Things
    Very nice heatspreaders
    Great OverClockability!!
    Low power draw (only 1.65V needed for 1860MHz)
    Absolutely stable. no stability issues even given different timings etc.
    High capacity 3x2GB for 6GB (32bit OS's need not apply.)
    Bad Things
    SPD's do not set the same as stated. (could be board related).
    Height of the heatspreaders may interfere with some cooling solutions.
    Ninjalane Rating
    Thanks for reading and I hope you join us for more reviews.big grin smile