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  • GSkill Pi Black Triple Channel PC3 12800 6GB Memory Review
  • GSkill Pi Black Triple Channel PC3 12800 6GB Memory Review


    Super Pi and Everest Ultimate

    Super Pi is essentially a CPU benchmark but memory does make a difference in its performance. And since G.Skill has blessed these sticks with the Pi insignia I felt it was a fitting benchmark to throw at them. big grin smile

    Super pi calculates the decimal places in Pi, in our testing we will be calculating the first 32million places of pi.
    Our last test of the review is Everest Ultimate. It is similar to Sandra in Function. It also has a built in benchmark suite. We will be looking at the memory and cache benchmarks suite. These screens show the information regarding memory speed and timings in the lower part and results above them.
    Everest - Default
    The bandwidth results here show a nice increase with the various speed bumps.  As we stated earlier in the review we only ran these with default FSB clocks which limited us to use only proper multipliers.  At 1860Mhz we were able to get just shy of 20GB/s read. In private testing with FSB overclocked this was around 21GB/s with a copy speed over 24GB/s.

    The general feeling is that 1900Mhz on stock voltage would be perfectly stable on these particular sticks. Your mileage may (and mostly likely will) vary and of course and G.Skill only guarantees these modules to 1600Mhz (PC-3 12800) speeds.