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  • G.Skill RipjawsX PC17000 CL7 Memory Review
  • G.Skill RipjawsX PC17000 CL7 Memory Review



    Selecting RAM for your build can be a real challenge and with new modules tuned to fit a particular chipset or, in the case of Intel's Sandy Bridge, the Integrated Memory Controller (IMC) you need to pay special attention to the modules you buy.  The claim "made for Sandy Bridge" or "designed for P67 chipset" is important to look for since the timings programmed into the sticks play a crucial role in making the RAM operate properly on a given platform.

    Today in the lab we have a 4GB kit of G.Skill Ripjaws CL7 Modules to run through our suite of tests. Previously we looked the G.Skill Ripjawsx CL9 kit, which is a Low Voltage 1.5V 2133mhz pair and we were very happy with the results.  Given our enthusiast nature it is only natural to see what the CL7 kit was capable of and if they made any real differences.
    The Kit comes packaged along with the excellent Turbulence II fan designed to provide nice continuous airflow over the stamped black aluminum heat spreaders. The heatspreaders are well designed but may be a tad tall for some aircoolers.

    We installed several coolers and found the Corsair A70 does clear the modules but still touches the heatspreaders with means the included fan could not be installed. Most enthusiasts keep fin height in mind when looking for RAM so as long as they are careful there shouldn't be any problem. Every stock Intel solution we had available installed with no issues and of course waterblock users should have no problem.  In most cases waterblock and OEM heatsink users will be the ones needing the Turbulence II the most anyway.
    RipjawsX come with a nice blue color scheme over a black heatspreader and compliment the Asus P8P67Pro and its colors quite nicely. Since many of the new P67 motherboards are also using blue color or black in their color schemes they should match up nicely.

    Power for the Turbulence II fan comes from a black molex plug and neatly sleeved wiring. The use of the molex is to let the fan run at full speed instead of being throttled down when the board is running cool. The small blue LED fans produce approximately 8CFM of airflow which is enough to cool the DIMMS and surrounding components.