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  • G.Skill RipjawsX PC17000 CL7 Memory Review
  • G.Skill RipjawsX PC17000 CL7 Memory Review



    Memory can be one of the most frustrating items to choose from. Usually you know from the start what the CPU and Motherboard will be but selecting the memory can be a real learning experience. There are several specs you need to consider but for the most part the clockspeed and CAS rating are the most important.  It is no coincidence that these modules have the best of both worlds by combining the extremely high clockspeeds with a very tight CAS timing of CL7.

    The value of a memory kit usually comes in the form of overclocking using the default timings and we were able to get a substantial overclock from our kit without having to do any voltage adjustments. With the Sandy Bridge platform you will find that most chips will run out of steam around 105 - 107 BCLK (Base clock) and we were able to test up to 107 and be completely stable with no problems.

    Not unlike our other memory reviews timing adjustments were not widely productive including out attempt to run CAS 6 at 2133 or our attempts to run at 2400 at CAS 9.  Neither configuration would boot which could easily be a board problem or just the nature of Sandy Bridge specific memory.
    We remain impressed with what we have seen from G.Skill over the years. For a small company they seem to be at the top of any enthusiasts list, and for good reason.  While we don't discuss pricing in our reviews well all know it is a driving factor for any purchase decision, and G.Skill modules are hard to beat.
    Good Things
    7-10-7-27 Timings @ 2133Mhz.
    1t Command Rate.
    Excellent Overclocking at default settings.
    Priced very well.
    Sandy Bridge optimized.
    Turbulence II Dual fan included. 
    Bad Things
    Heatspreader fins may interfere with some aircoolers.
    No switch to control fan LEDs
    G.Skill RipjawsX PC17000 CL7 Memory Review

    Furious 5 of 5