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  • Corsair Twin2X DDR2 5400C4 ProSeries Review
  • Corsair Twin2X DDR2 5400C4 ProSeries Review



    This past year at Computex Corsair was showing off their latest line of memory modules geared towards the hardware enthusiast and overclocker. Two systems were running, one with the 3200XL line of extremely low latency memory and another running a new line of DDR2 memory for the Intel LGA775 chipset and processor platform.
    In this review we are going to look at the Corsair XMS2 5400 DDR2 TwinX memory modules. The memory comes in two basic configurations LEDs or no LEDs. Of course the LED'ed version is the focus of this review but keep in mind that under the heatspreaders the modules are the same.
    From a technology standpoint there are a few major differences between DDR1 and DDR2, the photo below shows 2 Corsair memory modules. The Twin2X module is shown above with a DDR1 (Corsair XMS 3200XL) module below. Given that DDR2 memory comes with 240 interface pins you can easy see the difference between the two.
    Given that DDR2 is a new departure in the memory world Corsair wanted to help illustrate this by giving the hardware crowd something special. For those familiar with previous ProSeries modules you will know that each module comes with 9 pairs of LED lights. For the Twin2X modules Corsair decided to add 3 more pairs of LEDs and slapped on silver heatspreaders. While these changes do nothing to system performance it does give you, and others, something to stare at.