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  • Corsair XMS4000 Twinx Memory Review
  • Corsair XMS4000 Twinx Memory Review



    When overclocking your system one of the first stumbling blocks that you encounter is a non-booting system due to running your memory out of frequency. Some of the common tricks to overcome this are to relax the memory timings or to use a memory clock divider to reduce the memory frequency. Both methods have their drawbacks, relaxed memory timings provide slower memory response and a slower memory clock means lower available bandwidth. With the introduction of Corsair XMS4000 at least one of these drawbacks can be eliminated.

    Having memory that will run reliably at a (250x2)Mhz memory clock is an excellent solution for the overclocker wishing to get the most from their system. When it comes to the average enthusiast that may not overclock on a regular basis the relaxed timings have a detrimental effect to system performance. This can be overcome by manually adjusting the memory timings though given the wide abundance of excellent DDR400 and 433 modules the XMS4000 might not be the best choice.

    The Corsair XMS4000 TwinX memory is clearly overclocking memory for the avid overclocker.
    So to sum up here is my list of Good things and Bad things.
    The Good Things
    Low Latency @ DDR400
    Real paired memory
    Ability to run overclocked at 1:1
    Cooler Running memory
    Heat spreaders that work
    The Bad Things
    Higher Cost
    Higher SPD Programmed Latency
    No economical benefit to DDR500, yet
    Ninjalane Rating
    I would like to thank Corsair Memory for helping to make this review possible.