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  • Corsair XMS4000 Twinx Memory Review
  • Corsair XMS4000 Twinx Memory Review


    The memory modules

    As was mentioned earlier TwinX modules are bought and sold in pairs, and the packaging has begun to reflect this. So aside from the packaging how do you identify a paried module? When TwinX modules are paired together they are given a unique number that is replicated to both modules. To confirm this you can check the identification number located in the upper right under the version number.
    Every XMS memory module comes with a fancy aluminum heat spreader, this is designed to help dissipate heat from the memory chips and aids in stability. I find them quite helpful not only for the intended purpose but also in handling since your fingers do not come in direct contact with the memory chips. A good static shock can still damage any memory module so extreme care should be taken when handling this and other electro sensitive equipment.
    Other numbers on the label include the full name of the memory, version, speed, size and latency settings. Thus far all Corsair modules are labeled the same way. For reference I have included a "group photo", the topmost module is a XMS3200 TwinX512 followed by a XMS3500 with a XMS4000 TwinX1024 module at the bottom.