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  • EVGA P55 Classified 200 Motherboard Review
  • EVGA P55 Classified 200 Motherboard Review


    Included Goodies

    We have come to expect more included goodies with our high-end motherboards to help justify the additional cost.  EVGA does not disappoint and includes everything you'll need to get up and running.

    In terms of documentation, you'll get a quick-start guide, installation guide, and a driver disk.  The included documentation and installation guide didn't contain anything useful, aside from a basic map telling you where things were located on the motherboard.  Considering who this board is being marketed to, that was no real surprise, and shouldn't hamper the experienced system-builder.
    The I/O panel cover is a nice EVGA branded unit with padding on the back to help seal the openings after installation.
    The normal complement of cables and accessories are present including six SATA cables, USB and Firewire expansion slot connectors, the voltage probe, and SLI bridges for both dual and triple SLI configurations.
    The last item is the External Control Panel, or ECP which we referred to earlier in the review.  It is a great little tool for remotely monitoring what your system is doing during POST.   The module also gives you quick access to the PCIe disconnect jumpers, voltage bump adjustments, power and reset buttons.

    While this little control panel is really helpful on the test bench, it's not very user friendly if you are going to be using it on a regular basis.