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  • DFI LAN Party UT NF680I LT SLI-T2R Motherboard Review
  • DFI LAN Party UT NF680I LT SLI-T2R Motherboard Review


    Benchmarks - Overclocked

    As with all of our reviews we pit the default speed system against the overclocked one in a head to head byte match. The results of this are below. The effective overclock here is 3.36Ghz with a FSB overclock of 1925Mhz (or 481Mhz x 4). This is quite impressive and shows the strength of the DFI bios. We almost made it to the coveted 500Mhz FSB however a chipset limitation was preventing us from advancing past 493Mhz FSB. Of course your mileage will vary and as time progresses our overclock will likely increase as the chipset slowly burns in with use.
    CPU-Z 481FSB
    SiSoft Sandra Various Overcloc
    Quake 4
    Overclocking Conclusion
    We must say overclocking on the LAN Party UT NF680I LT SLI-T2R is not only extremely easy but the results really speak for themselves. Not only is this the largest overclocking range we have ever attained from a single processor (1.20+ Ghz) but we could repeat these results using a new E6350 that we had floating around the lab.