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  • Sapphire PURE Innovation 780V Motherboard Review
  • Sapphire PURE Innovation 780V Motherboard Review


    Board Layout and Features

    The Sapphire PURE Innovation 780V is a very modest MicroATX motherboard.  Onboard features are very sparse and when compared to some of the latest gaming boards we normally review.  In a way it almost looks naked. shock smile
    The PCB is a sexy red that is complemented with a variety of expansion slot colors.  Here we see the 6 SATA ports, floppy connection, and single IDE,  CMOS reset and Southbridge chip can be found nearby.
    As with most MicroATX motherboards you are limited to a maximum of 4 expansion slots.  Sapphire has included a single 16x PCIe video card slot and single 1x PCIe.  In terms of video support you have 3 distinct options.
    • You can use the onboard video controller
    • You can install any one of the “Hybrid” Crossfire ready video cards
    • You can install a higher end video card, if the card does not support ATI Hybrid Graphics it won’t be auto linked to the onboard controller
    The last 2 slots are the standard PCI slots
    The ATI 780V supports all AMD compatable AMD processors including the multi core Phenom and dual core varieties.  The board comes with 2 banks of dual channel DDR2 and can address up to 8GB of system memory.  

    An advanced 4 + 1 phase power supply can be found onboard for CPU and Northbridge chip.  The +1 is dedicated to running just the Northbridge chip and IGP.