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  • Sapphire PURE Innovation 780V Motherboard Review
  • Sapphire PURE Innovation 780V Motherboard Review



    In terms of basic motherboards you can’t go wrong with the Sapphire PURE Innovation 780V.  This is a MicroATX motherboard that not only supports the latest AM2/AM2+ processors but comes with onboard graphics and is small enough to fit into any HTPC application.  In fact if you choose to run a Black Edition processor you’ll even get a free overclock out of the deal.

    As we mentioned earlier the PURE Innovation is based on the AMD 780V which is a mid-range chipset using the HD 3100 IGP and SB700 Southbridge.  There is only a single PCIe video slot so you’ll be limited to running only single high-end video card or the onboard controller w/ Hybrid video expansion.  Both are viable alternatives to the onboard controller.  If you intend to do any sort of 3d gaming you’ll want to get something better than what is found onboard.

    From a performance standpoint we are not disappointed.  The 780V did a superb job and even beat our 790GX reference system in several benchmarks.  However the downfall of the 780V is in terms of overclocking.  While there are controls in the BIOS for voltage and frequency adjustments you’ll need to understand HEX to decipher what you are actually changing.  The reality is the Sapphire PURE Innovation 780V is a mainstream board designed for a market that is not interested in overclocking so the cryptic controls are welcome.

    Now for the ever popular list of Good things and Bad things. happy smile
    Good Things
    Compact MicroATX form factor
    Excellent choice for the HTPC
    Single PCIe Video support and Hybrid graphics
    Onboard RAID
    Onboard Graphics (HD 3100)
    Sexy Red PCB
    Ready to use design
    Perfect for mom
    Bad Things
    Lack of overclocking ability
    Rather plain for the gamer
    No fancy heatsinks or active cooling
    Ninjalane Rating
    We would like to thank Sapphire for helping to make this review possible