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  • Chaintech VNF4 Ultra Zenith VE Review
  • Chaintech VNF4 Ultra Zenith VE Review


    Board Layout and Features

    939 Pin Athlon64 processors are a hot item these days, while I'm still an Intel guy at heart the raw power and stability of the Athlon64 is really hard to pass up. The 939 comes with an integrated dual channel memory controller that by default runs 1:1 with the HTT frequency. As was mentioned before the memory slots are located directly above the processor socket and support 1 to 4 DDR modules with a maximum memory support of 4GB.
    The nForce4 Ultra comes with 20x lanes of PCI Express, 18 lanes are represented by expansion slots. We suspect the other 2 lanes are used for onboard features.
    A couple of words about the MCP, under normal use at default speed this bad boy gets very hot, you don't want to touch the heatsink for very long after the system has been running and definitely do not run the system with the heatsink removed.

    On a happy note the cooler does come with plenty of thermal compound.
    As always the white stuff was cleaned up and replaced with a small dab of Artic Silver 5