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  • Edifier E1100 2+1 Speaker System
  • Edifier E1100 2+1 Speaker System



    In terms of overall styling the Edifier e1100 takes the cake.  The high gloss finish and aluminum accents really finish this product off in terms of style and combine that with an elegantly designed office and you'll get a visual combination that anyone could be proud of. 
    Sadly that does mean you'll need to file away those project papers and extra soda cans to really get the full effect. happy smile.

    Overall sound quality was average for a 2.1 speaker system of this size.  We can attribute this to several factors including speaker size, the lack of a separated midrange, and low amplifier wattage.  Despite this, overall frequency response was good and with some creative equalizer settings the "hollow" sound of missing frequencies could be minimized

    As you may have guessed the Edifier e1100 is not for everyone, given the relatively low cost we can conclude that this produce is designed for visual bling than audio bliss, but who can blame them.
    Now for the ever popular list of Good things and Bad things. happy smile
    Good Things
    Unique styling
    High gloss finish
    Long throw subwoofer
    Bad Things
    Really could benefit from a midrange and tweeter
    Connected cables create placement issues
    Ninjalane Rating
    We would like to thank Edifier for helping make this review possible.