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  • Edifier E1100 2+1 Speaker System
  • Edifier E1100 2+1 Speaker System


    Additional Features

    As you can imagine the speakers themselves were designed to be shown off.  They are also very small so to not take up much room on your desk. The downside to small speakers is that they typically do not feature a full sound spectrum. Sadly this is true of the e1100.

    When we test speaker systems here at Ninjalane we often run them thru a series of self subjecting sound tests. The first test is frequency response where we start at 10Hz and slowly move up to 20.0000Hz (or 20Khz) and listen for any variances in volume. Volume changes indicate flat spots in the frequency response where either the speaker cannot reproduce the signal or the box design enhances the frequency beyond what the speaker can normally do.
    The e1100 passes this test with flying colors; bass frequencies didn't pick up until 45Hz and remained fluid until about 100Hz when the satellite speakers took over.
    Base response was excellent and the ported enclosure really helped the subwoofer breathe throughout in the sub bass range. The dial on the back of the speaker enclosure is for bass gain and is independent of the volume knob on the top. It would have also been nice to have one for treble as well but alas that is not the case.

    The next test was with different styles of music. We listen to a lot of metal here in the Ninjalane Labs so we fired up some Kittie and Otep to see what justice the e1100 could do them. Sadly the lack of a full midrange speaker hurt frequency response and left us with a very hollow sound. More isolated music such as the Doors and Nine Inch Nails faired much better on the e1100 and in some cases enhanced the playback. It is clear that the e1100 "full range" speakers favor the high end of the sound spectrum and less "complex" musical playback.

    Gaming was the final test, and much like the music test we were left with a very hollow playback when there were several things going on at once.