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  • AOpen HP-590 Headphone Review
  • AOpen HP-590 Headphone Review


    About the Headphones

    Vibration Pack
    The vibration pack idea is really very simple, though first a little lesson in sound.

    You have a speaker that vibrates to produce a sound wave; this wave will travel though the air in all directions at a given frequency.

    The frequency of this wave relates to how many wave pulses you can fit into a given time frame. Higher frequencies will have more pulses than lower ones in the same time frame, and the lower the frequency the easier it is to "feel" the sound. To apply this to the headphones AOpen has included an inline vibration pack that gives the speakers a little extra cone movement when a low frequency is present allowing you to feel the bass.

    AOpen generously provides an AA battery to power the vibration pack, simply install the battery, flip the power switch, and enjoy. There is even an adjustment dial so you can "tune" the vibration level.
    Game Play
    These headphones are PERFECT for a LAN party. Everyone wants to bring their subwoofer and 7.1 surround system to the LAN, but it's neither efficient, nor allowed at most events. These headphones really bridge the gap. Playing Counterstrike with these headphones is a joy. The deep bass really grabs you when someone fires an AWP, or you are running along.

    The only drawback is that the cord is rather short, and unless you have front mounted headphone jacks you'll probably want to get an extension.
    Personal CD or MP3 Device
    The greater bass response is really amazing when you put your favorite music on and *makes you* just want to meld into it. I've owned "Expanded Bass", or "Bass Boost" products before, but these headphones are WAY beyond any of those technologies. What I noticed right away was that the bass response didn't really seem to come from the speakers, but rather just hitting my ears as if I was in a room full of subwoofers.