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  • AOpen HP-590 Headphone Review
  • AOpen HP-590 Headphone Review



    This upcoming holiday season I'll probably lead off a lot of gift giving with these headphones. I can talk all day about how great they are, but you've really got to try them out to believe me.
    The vibration pack isn't the only thing that makes these headphones great; they are very comfortable to wear, which is important for any extended time at your favorite LAN party. The sound and frequency response is amazing with the advertised 20Hz to 20Khz appearing to be dead on. Match that up with an amazingly low frequency response (20Hz), and portability and you might have just bought your very last pair of gaming or personal use headphones.
    The Good Things
    They don't suck happy smile
    Bass response like nothing I've seen in a headphone before!
    Handy carrying pouch
    Nice feel around ears
    Vibration pack for bass enhancement
    The Bad Things
    I don't have more of them
    Cord is pretty short, extention cord needed.
    Ninjalane Rating
    I would like to thank AOpen for helping make this review possible.