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  • Edifier M3400 2+1 Speaker System
  • Edifier M3400 2+1 Speaker System


    Speaker Features

    In true Edifier form we have the start of another great product built completely from MDF wood enclosures. Wood is a nice product for building speaker enclosures, its relatively inexpensive, has low resonance, and does a very good job at insulating the sound waves to make the drivers more efficient. Subwoofer enclosures are typically made from MDF but you hardly ever see Midrange and tweeters treated to the sounds of MDF.

    As this is a 2.1 speaker system we can expect to find a right and left channel speaker set and a single subwoofer.

    The right and left channel speaker sets feature a 3 inch paper cone midrange and 3/4 inch plastic dome tweeter. We didn't have the opportunity to open these speakers up however we can assume they are passively crossed over.
    Bass is one of the few sounds that most people love and often abuse. We are guilty of this here at Ninjalane, ever since that incident with those 4 Orion DVC 12's in the back of that custom S-10 Blazer we just can't seem to get enough. cool smile   Much to everyone's surprise you really don't need much bass to have full and rich sound, the trick is to have good quality bass from a high quality enclosure.

    The Edifier m3400 subwoofer is a paper cone 6.5" woofer in a ported MDF enclosure and 18Watts of power. 18Watts may not sound like much but is more than enough for a 6.5" woofer given the typical size of a computer room.

    The back of the subwoofer enclosure is where the majick happens. Here you will find the low level inputs, high level speaker outputs, bass gain knob, and master volume control port.
    The master volume is controlled by a wired remote that is nothing more than a large dial,  The volume control knob features a blue glow when the system is activated and comes with audio jacks for headphones and a mic.  The remote can be placed anywhere provided the cable can reach and really adds a level of quality to this relatively simple multimedia speaker system.