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  • Edifier M3400 2+1 Speaker System


    Sound Quality and Conclusion

    When we test speaker systems here at Ninjalane we often run them thru a series of self subjecting sound tests. The first test is frequency response where we start at 10Hz and slowly move up to 20.0000Hz (or 20Khz) and listen for any variances in volume. Volume changes indicate flat spots in the frequency response where either the speaker cannot reproduce the signal or the box design enhances the frequency beyond what the speaker can normally do.

    The m3400 passes this test with flying colors; bass frequencies didn't pick up until around 40Hz and remained fluid until about 100Hz when the satellite speakers took over.

    Base response was excellent and the ported enclosure really helped the subwoofer breathe throughout in the sub bass range. The dial on the back of the speaker enclosure is for bass gain and is independent of the volume knob. When adjusting bass gain it is important to factor in distance. Since the subwoofer was placed under the desk the bass gain had to be increased slightly past 50% to provide that rich and full frequency response we wanted to have.

    The next test was with different styles of music. We listen to a lot of metal here in the Ninjalane Labs so we fired up some Kittie and Otep to see what justice the m3400 could do. Once again we were not disappointed, the separated midrange and tweeter combo provided a full and rich sound. Our only complaint was with tweeter response. The high frequencies were very well defined but remained muffled and lacked that "crisp" sound we are accustomed to hearing.

    Gaming was the final test, and much like the music we enjoyed the clean separation and full enriched sound. We didn't notice any loss of high end frequency response, but then again most games favor the low end of the sound spectrum.
    As we mentioned earlier the Edifier m3400 doesn't fit the typical computer speaker mold and for good reason. They aren't designed for exclusively computer use. As with most computer centric speaker systems you can plug them into anything. The challenge for some systems is where do you put them?.

    Edifier solved this by taking a universal approach to the satellite design. The square shape not only provides smooth and even sound reproduction but also allows you to mount them on the wall or tuck them away on a shelf. The cubes are a little large for most desks but if you're like me you'll find they fit nicely behind those dual flat panel monitors and are hardly noticeable. Of course the subwoofer can be placed just about anywhere with the typical location being on the floor and off to the side.

    Now for the ever popular list of Good things and Bad things. happy smile
    Good Things
    Great sound quality,
    Separated satellite speaker system (tweeter + midrange)
    MDF enclosures throughout
    Hard hitting bass
    Bad Things
    Tweeters sounded "muffled"
    Could benefit from more power
    No digital auto inputs
    Ninjalane Rating
    We would like to thank Edifier for helping make this review possible.