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  • Andio PC Speaker Frame Series Review
  • Andio PC Speaker Frame Series Review


    Testing and Conclusion

    Living Room
    The first test run was with a TV. The 1/8th inch jack plugged nicely into the headphone slot and after all the cables were attached the speakers came to life. I immediately tuned into MTV in the hopes of testing bass response with some Hip-Hop. I was not disappointed when I found Jay-Z was laying down the flow.
    The TV I tested with is of the old school variety, tube screen with basic stereo sound. With the bass turned all the way up the sound was definitely nicer than the stock TV speakers, the only thing missing was crispness in the high-end.
    Computer Room
    The next test was for a laptop replacement. Laptops don't have particularly impressive sound, and these speakers really helped in that department. I pulled up a favorite Internet radio station (Groove Salad) and found some music with lots of bass. Bass response was relatively full though the high-end sound lacked crispness much like before.
    For comparison I used my only other set of 2.1 speakers, Creative Inspire 2.1, and used a fairly "technical" means to test the two sets against each other. I set them up at the same volume and quickly swapped between the two, then rinse and repeat as needed. The Creative speakers outperformed by having much more low end and clearer high-end response. One point to note: As of this writing the Andio speakers retail for about $30 a set whereas the Creative Inspire retails for about $20 more.
    My first impression was these speakers would be great for mom or grandmother. They provide picture frames in speakers, making a good use of space on a limited desktop, and provide decent sound. Though being a bit of an Audiophile I would shy away from this product due to the lack of high-end sound quality and lack of rear fill speakers. I still demand at least 4.1 for personal and gaming use, but my twelve-step program is helping.
    Anime Rox
    A little Anime never hurts, and with the Andio Trinko 3 piece frame series speakers you can look at your favorite pictures all the time. Of course your choice in imagery may vary. wink smile
    Now for the ever popular list of Good things and Bad things.
    The Good Things
    Two in One product - Picture frame and speakers
    Low Price
    Space Saver
    The Bad Things
    Lacks high end crispness
    Low Powered
    Total of 3 Speakers
    Pictures rattle if not firmly attached to speaker panel