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  • Andio PC Speaker Frame Series Review
  • Andio PC Speaker Frame Series Review



    In the lab we have the Andio Trinko 3 piece frame series speakers. These speakers are in a 2.1 configuration with two flat panels, a subwoofer, and controller. The flat panels can be made to hold a picture behind a removable frame.
    - Andio Acoustic Lab (AAL) has developed new technologies to transform these multimedia panel speakers into the equivalent of good mini hi-fis. Simply plug the amplified speakers into your computer, CD/cassette player or MP3 player and enjoy your favorite music.
    - Andio's own SSB (Sandwich Sounding Board) technology allows you to attach your favorite photo or any printed materials (to-do-list, cartoon characters, etc) right on the speaker themselves. You can easily replace visuals with our special frame designs.
    - Subwoofer is powered by GeoSound technologies to yield true bass vibrations.

    - Bass control
    - Remote control
    - Magnetically shielded

    Package Includes:
    - 2 flat panel speakers
    - Subwoofer
    - Cables
    - AC Adapter
    - Installation manual
    - 4 pieces non-slip pads
    - 1 remote control

    Flat Panel Speaker:
    Frequency Response - 150Hz~22KHz
    Impedance - 4 ohm
    Dimensions - 115mm x 210mm x 35mm

    Frequency Response - 50Hz~200Hz
    Impedance - 4 ohm
    Speaker Unit - 4"
    Dimensions - 115mm x 210mm x 35mm

    Speaker - 26 watts RMS (13w+13w into 4 ohm at 1kHz, 10% THD)
    Subwoofer - 13 watts RMS (into 4 ohm at 100Hz, 10% THD)
    Audio in - 3.5mm stereo x 1
    Speaker out - 2P RCA
    Sensitivity: 84dB

    All of this is very impressive technical jargon simply means that the Andio Trinko speakers are middle of the road on frequency response, power, and sit somewhere between something really inexpensive and something not.