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  • AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2009 Coverage (NSFW)
  • AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2009 Coverage (NSFW)



    In the tech world we have big name magazines like Wired, CPU, and PC Magazine.  Well there are equivalents in the adult world and the biggest adult trade magazine is AVN.  AVN covers all aspects of the adult industry, movies, people, trends etc. much like the big name magazines we read in the tech world. 

    Well as the name suggests the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo is sponsored by AVN and works with the big production companies to help run and promote the show.

    Like CES, the AEE attempts to bring suppliers, retailers and industry members together to talk about the latest advances in the industry and to also help promote the business.  The expo itself is divided up into different segments such as a trade show, fan show (open to the public) and seminars, a complete mix of things all related to the adult industry.  It’s startling to see how similar AEE is to CES, only the topics of discussion are different.

    Ninjalane was fortunate enough to score a press invite to AEE and being that CES was a snooze we dedicated several hours to AEE to see what it was all about.

    The trade show was like walking around an adult shop with a wide variety of adult toys on display.  Some were new but most were just variations on stuff we all have seen before.  The seminar section covered some interesting topics like this one. 

    Staking Your Claim on the Web Part 1: Marketing to Build Traffic and Gain Customers
    As the web continues to grow both in terms of offering content and where consumers go to shop for it, online business is more competitive than ever. Marketing to get and retain consumers is diverse and complicated. This session examines the most effective ways to market to consumers to bring them to your site and explores affiliate programs that allow for sharing the wealth and expanding your audience.  Farley Cahen with Digital Playground, Albert Lazarito of CECash, Jax Smith of SugarDVD, Jackie Strano with Babeland, and Lisa Weinberger of PearlyWrites talk with YNOT’s Jay Kopita in this not-to-be-missed session. 
    Seminars like this occurred thru Saturday and were designed as a knowledge transfer, having been a web consultant for many years I know how things like this go and you usually pay thru the nose to attend them.
    Fan Show
    The most popular attraction would be the Fan Show, this part of the expo is open to the public provided you pay the $80 entry fee ($100 for VIP entry).  Once inside you can actually meet the stars, get their autograph, or have a picture taken. 

    Its really good fun but be warned towards the end of the day it can get quite crowded.
    A special note to those who read this!
    The photos and content contained within this article are not even remotely close to what Ninjalane posts on a regular basis.  The (NSFW) in the title is a warning that means everyone who reads this should be of legal age to view adult material and have an open mind to know that if said person does read this they are on their own and responsible for their actions.