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  • Computex 2010 Day 3



    For some reason meetings were extremely light this year, we were fortunate enough to get access to some super special stuff (most of which we couldn't photograph) but that hardly made up for the lack of things on the schedule.  Kind of sad really, 3rd day of Computex and we're already in autopilot roaming the halls looking for companies to talk to.

    As you may have guessed Computex is a very special computer show, it is designed to help promote products, drive sales, and sometimes show off.  The Press is admitted into the show for free to help with the promotion part and many of the companies will pay special attention to someone with a press badge in hopes of getting a mention in whatever medium they are reporting for.  The rest of the crowd can just enjoy the show.

    At any given time there will be at least one show going on, some are just booth babes dancing around while others will be more involved and occur over the course of the day.  EVGA had one of the most interesting shows that consisted of giving away EVGA and GSKill products to whoever could answer questions about the products.  To help draw in the crowd Shamino and Kingpin were on hand hosting an overclocking show running either the 1156 K processors or the 980X.
    Here we have a couple guys trying to win a P55 200 FTW, sadly both failed to complete a single run of 3DMark 2006 at 6Ghz. 

    On a related note the guy in green was from Pocatello Idaho (just down the road from me).  Not sure what drew him to visit Taiwan, much less Computex but I'm glad to see some local people at the show representing.