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    Despite the fact that Asus is one of the largest mfgs of PC components, hardware, and complete systems we have never actually reviewed any of their products.  The reasons for this are complex and deep rooted but based on what we’ve seen today our opinion will likely change. 
    Asus Laptops
    Asus does have some of the coolest laptops.
    Here we have a U6 with a bamboo shell.  This is real bamboo and not only looks stylish but is also an excellent heat insulator.  In terms of hardware this U6 features the Montevina platform, up to 4GB of DDR2 ram, and LED backlight display.
    The new G70 was also on display and featured a very unique 3D gaming display that helped to give the illusion of "depth" in your gaming experience.  Unfortunately for the illusion to work you must be directly in front of the display.
    Asus Display Technology
    2 different monitor technologies were on display that may redefine how we view our computer screen.  The first is this quad monitor setup that is run from a single USB 2.0 port.  The technology supports up to 6 displays however due to space limitations they could only show 4.
    The next is based on the same concept but instead of a bulky USB cable the data is transmitted over a wireless connection.