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  • Computex 2009 Day 1 – Taipei Taiwan
  • Computex 2009 Day 1 – Taipei Taiwan



    As some of you may know this is our 5th Computex over the past 7 years and will likely continue into double digits before we are done.  Unlike most sites out there we travel to Computex every year to not only to check out the new technology but to finally meet the people we have worked with over the past year and to make new contacts along the way as friendship is important to us.

    With every Computex adventure we also attempt to complete a mission.  This year the mission was to get in contact with the companies that we feel have some of the best products for the coming year and get them to work with Ninjalane.  The difficult thing with a show as large as Computex is that you don't always get to see the cool stuff when you're fulfilling mission parameters.  That is just how things go however more often than not, it's one of those "not who you are, but who you know" sort of situations.. 
    The show configuration this year is split between Hall 1 and Hall 3 located at the World Trade Center near Taipei 101  (ya that big tall building)  These 2 halls contained all of the component level technology, publications, communications, networking, display technologies, etc..  NanGang makes a return appearance this year and actually holds all of the stuff that we want to see.

    Our traditional show coverage is divided up over the days in attendance with a photo showing of what we found during that day.  This might be the last year we use this format since so many cool things are hard to capture in photo format.  Come CES we'll experiment with something different and see how that goes.

    The world economy has affected many companies differently and you can see evidence of this in overall show attendance.  Some companies that had large booths last year have scaled things back considerably whereas other companies used the opportunity to spend all of their budgeted money by hosting multiple after show parties and/or overclocking events.  the corporate saying "use it or lose it" comes to mind in that later instance. 

    The overall visitor count also seemed to be down this year as the halls were not difficult to traverse and after a little investigation it was discovered that Ninjalane was one of only 4 US based hardware sites to attend Computex in 2009.
    Meeting Plans - Day 1
    The first day of Computex is usually a mad house so we don't set any meetings for the morning, that way we can get settled, acquire the badge and even take a quick stroll around the show floor, in fact the only thing we had on the schedule was the Thermaltake Level 10 press announcement.