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  • Computex 2009 Day 1 – Taipei Taiwan
  • Computex 2009 Day 1 – Taipei Taiwan



    The last Computex we were given a flyer advertising a new motherboard maker called J&W that was rather small but catered to the overclocker.  We looked all over trying to find their booth but had no luck what so ever.

    J&W was back a Computex this year with a even larger booth and better location.  Compared to some of the other motherboard makers the J&W product catalog is rather muted but did feature a P55 board, Atom, and Mini ITX designs.
    When we asked about an X58 their response was "We have an X58 but only make it for other manufacture."  I think we all know what vendor that is. wink smile
    Surprisingly J&W also sells Netbooks and even had a HTPC on display.  The computer was running a few trailers and I just happened to snap this photo on "the girlfriend experience"  Kind of makes you wonder if they offer accessories with the HTPC. wink smile