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    Mobo Room

    The motherboard room mimics the VGA department but features much nicer test stations comprised of blank PCBs and extremely long motherboard standoffs.  

    A rather unique way to build a tech station and works quite well.
    Anyone that has ever fried a BIOS or failed a BIOS flash will have wished they had one of these handy.  Pictured here is a BIOS image writer.  Basically when the BIOS programmers are finished and want to test a BIOS version they simply insert a blank BIOS chip into the writer, select the image they want to flash, and press go.  In a few seconds later they have a newly programmed BIOS ready to be used.

    The station featuring the huge mess of wires is an electrical load station.  The monster PWMs we find on EVGA motherboards not only feed power to the CPU but also distribute power to the chipsets, PCIE slots, and various PHY chips.  Basically anything that needs power.  Well this machine will load test any trace on the motherboard to ensure it is getting ample power and that the voltage is correct.
    This case was on display at Computex and is a custom design EVGA is having built just for the SR-2 and other 4-way SLI motherboards.  This prototype will likely feature a black interior and red accents where the plastic parts are.  The silver parts on the front bezel may also become red or some other accent color. 

    My vote would be to make the bezel vents a light grey and make sure all LEDs are red.