ECS to see decrease in self-brand motherboard shipments in 2012

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Not good when the "budget" guys are reporting a loss in sales.

Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) is expected to ship about four million motherboards for own-brand sale in 2012, decreasing from six million units shipped in 2011, but its ODM shipments of 12 million in 2012 will remain unchanged from 2011, according to supply chain makers.

ECS will come back to the Taiwan retail market with own-brand motherboards by launching several models, including Thin Mini-ITX, Q77H2-TI and B75H2-TI, in January 2013, the sources noted.

ECS has had decreasing notebook ODM orders but is likely to receive increasing orders from Intel for Classmate PCs and StudyBooks, the sources indicated, because Intel has obtained orders from emerging markets including China, Turkey, Thailand, India and countries in Eastern Europe and Latin America for shipments in 2013. ECS is a major ODM for the products, the sources said.

Check the article for the whole scoop but it looks like the downturn claimed another victim.

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