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I was really looking forward to getting one of these boards to compliment my Asus motherboard collection but, the stars never aligned.  Had I gotten one of these boards I may have concluded that superior Asus engineering and awesome UEFI support have positioned this motherboard to become one of the best motherboards for enthusiast hardware activities, that you can buy.

That last part is key since my other suggestions have since gone out of production.  And. well, lets face it, I never got one so I can say whatever I want. wink smile

ASUS's monsterous ROG flagship is here! The ASUS Maximus V Extreme is built for the hardcore overclocker, with its sights firmly set at knocking the competition off of the top overclocking global records. Packed full of overclocking features and options, I get to see if I can make this lion purr. Turns out, it's easier than I had hoped.

It would seem that the TechPowerUp reviewer liked it.

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