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Funny thing, I just got done installing the Asustor AS6204T NAS for a client of mine to replace an aging Dell server that has been running non-stop for the past 13 years.  Let’s hope this cutting edge prosumer level NAS can last just as long.

While the NAS installed is the 4-drive version of the one in this review I can tell you that the OS and hardware are identical and even offers a RAM upgrade if you plan to run a good number of web applications from it.

In this review we test the Asustor AS6202T NAS. The AS6202T is more powerful in the sense that it comes with a much stronger processor, more memory and a plethora of features. The 2 in that product name means we'll be testing the 2-bay version of this quad-core processor based NAS with 4 GB of internal RAM memory.

My install featured a three drive RAID-5 using the out of box Asustor NAS OS and configuration.  Much to my surprise the install went flawless and so far has been working great without any issue, including a nightly backup to an external USB 3.0 portable hard drive.

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