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More Ryzen based reviews.  It seems I'll have to get used to seeing AMD based news in the Hardware Asylum inbox again.  Honestly I'm still in shock over it.

It’s crazy to look back at the original Crosshair and see just how much things have changed. Hell, the original was running on a Nvidia nForce 590 chipset, how many people even remember that Nvidia had their own chipsets! Anyhow, even all the way back to the original Asus has always packed the Crosshair boards full of features and from what I’ve seen of the new Crosshair VI Hero it looks like they have done the same thing again. This is one of the two boards that came with our initial review setup for the new Ryzen processors. So today I’m going to check out the new Crosshair VI Hero and see what it is all about and find out if it is a good option to consider for those of you excited to build a new high-end AMD build.

I'm pretty sure I have a Crosshair stored away in the tech closet.  It should have gone away a LONG time ago but I had plans to put an 8-core AM3+ on LN2 and that board was the only one strong enough to really get the most from those processors.

My Hero.  (sorry, couldn't resist)

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