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For those of you exploring the world of watercooling your choice in waterblock can either make you a performance stud in the gaming room or the limp noodle of shame in your favorite online forum.  Because of this you need to make for certain that your waterblock choice is not only socially acceptable but impressionable on the opposite sex.

According to TechPowerUp the Bitspower Summit EF-X and pretty darn limp with a few perks to help you get the performance numbers up.

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Bitspower has not enjoyed much success in the sector of CPU waterblocks, owing to average performance and high product cost with limited customization. They aim to change this in 2017 with the new Summit EF that promises to run at up to 6°C less than before; it will also come with top options in acrylic, nickel-plated copper, and a special gold-plated copper edition.

So, you wanna know a secret about CPU waterblocks?

They are all about the same, they all are using microfin construction these days so the trick is to pick one that not only looks good but is also friendly on the pocketbook.  If you are dead set on making sure you have the best performance you'll want to not only look at reviews but also inspect the construction because some designs perform better simply due to how water is routed through the block.

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