Computex 2018 has Concluded

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Computex 2018 has concluded and I'm spending some of my weekend downtime to compile a few articles about what was fun and exciting at the show.
Just as a heads up about the Hardware Asylum Podcast this month. As I'm still kicking it in the R.O.C. the show won't be recorded until later this month. The plan will be to have a Post Computex show and an extra to capture some of the more ranty stuff that might come up. *warning: there is a bunch this time around.
I also wanted to extend my apologies for missing the Hardware Asylum Podcast "Extras" for the month of May. Darren and I sat down to record only to have the audio get corrupted. These things happen from time to time and sadly, there wasn't enough time to re-record.
As always if you have any questions or comments related to the show send us an email or message on any of our social platforms.


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