ADATA XPG Spectrix D40 16GB RGB DDR4 Memory Review @ Legit Reviews

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I'm only posting this because "most" ADATA Spectrix memory modules have a shuriken on them. 

Long Live Ninjalane!!

Years ago picking out memory was fairly easy, as long as it was compatible with your motherboard you were good to go. Now there are many things to take into consideration, such as the heatsink, speed, timings, overclockability and design. The recent trend is to put RGB LEDs on everything possible, allowing the user to customize the color to their specific color scheme. Memory is just the latest product to get RGB LEDs installed on them. The XPG Spectrix D40, is part of ADATA’s gaming line that includes RGB LEDs...

I find it funny how review sites are changing their tune when it comes to memory.  For "years" memory was boring with no innovation and no benefit for going with proper modules with good timings and fast speeds.  In fact most were saying to buy the cheapest module and spend the rest on hookers and beer.

Well, now, all of a sudden, timings matter?

I blame youtube while shaking my head for those who never listen.

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