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So, everyone is talking about the 9900K thinking its like this super great processor all because Intel says they can finally beat the Ryzen.  Ummm, hello? Intel has always been faster and as for the 9900K its a Coffee Lake CPU with two extra cores.  pfft.

Of course if Intel would like to help change my mind and finally sample Hardware Asylum I'd gladly like to see what makes the 9900K better than everything else.

I can say this.  For a CPU built using the Coffee Lake architecture and using the same LGA 1151 socket I'm surprised that you MUST use a 300 series chipset and that is just what Lan OC has done.  Used a 300 series motherboard with a 9900K Intel cpu.

With the 9900K launch, a few weeks back along with the other 9th generation core processors Intel also released their new chipset, the Z390 chipset. This is the latest high-end chipset for the mainstream socket but you might be wondering what is even different when compared to Z370. Well as far as the chipset goes, it is adding USB 3.1 Gen 2 onto the chipset and the option to integrate Wireless AC. But it also means new motherboards and I’m curious what else might get changed. MSI, for example, has revamped their naming scheme. The board they sent over is the MPG Z390 Gaming Plus. So I wanted to touch on the new MSI naming and then check out the new board and see what it has to offer.

I really like how MSI is cutting their PCBs now similar to what EVGA and ASUS have been doing.  happy smile

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